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For most of the tourists, it is the season of winter which is most associated with Norway. Skiing is the most important sport in Norway and the saying “Norwegians were born with skis in their feet” proves how popular it is among the locals. There are alpine ski resorts and trails for cross- country skiing throughout the country. First-timers are usually impressed by the fast and efficient lift systems, the rather short lift queues and the modern ski equipment for hire.

Skiing in Norway is neither a fashionable fad nor an international industry. More than anything it is Norway’s national sport, and Norwegians’ favorite way of appreciating their stunning and unspoilt landscape. In a land passionate about its history and culture, skiing is one of the most cherished of all traditions. Resorts usually open in November. The snow often remains light, powdery and deep until April. And remember, cross-country skiing is free of charge! If you thought that springtime signals the end of the skiing season, remember that there are high-altitude resorts in Norway where you can have fun on snow all summer long. However, early starts are essential. The glaciers can be icy at first, but softens with the first rays to provide hours of good skiing. By about midday, the slopes might turn to slush – a perfect time for a cold beer, a swim and to sunbathe.

Popular places to go skiing are Trysil, Hemsedal – considered the best ski area in Norway with 50 slopes, Voss and Myrkdalen, Geilo and Hovden among others.

Winter is the best season when you can see the Northern lights. They say the ones seen in Norway are absolutely magical. You can observe this magnificent phenomenon in Lofoten Islands and in Tromsø. It is highly recommended to start chasing them from September till late March when the days are shorter and preferably colder. In order to be sure that you will see them, a useful app that you can download on your phone or your computer can tell you for sure if you are able to see the Northern Lights in that particular night or period you are travelling. Be there this winter!

So, welcome to Norway!

Winter in lofoten