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When designing these itineraries options, we have been working with specialists that advised us what is best according to the season, so when you make reservations you will be given first-hand information about the landscape, road conditions, overnight accommodation site, what to do and to see. Therefore we suggest you to explore spring in Norway by travelling on train. We know that there are still many people out there who love this mean of transport, for its being romantic, but also because it is cheaper and more ecofriendly than other means of transport. In Norway they understood this and as a matter of fact, you will be accompanied by nature all the time during your journey by train.

Oslo-Bergen is one of the routes never to be missed by any adventurer. Making the connection between the “new” capital Oslo and the “old” one Bergen, the seven-hour journey will recharge your spirits with energy and will enchant your imagination. You will cross the country from the east to the west towards the gateway to the fjords and you will gradually notice a change in the landscape as you will be amazed at the pure nature surrounding you. During your trip you will cross the beautiful Hardangervidda plateau, part of the 3430-sq- km Hardangervidda National Park, Norway’s largest. It ranges across a tundra landscape that is the southernmost refuge of the Arctic fox (the natural population of which has increased through reintroduction programs) and home to Norway’s largest herd of wild reindeer. On the way you will encounter Geilo and Finse, two places characterizing the wilderness of the Artic fauna and vegetation where you will encounter the silence you were longing for. Due to the fact they are located at high altitude (over 1000 m) gives way to skiing on winter, mountain hiking on summer and exploring the surroundings by foot or even by bicycle. The trip can be reserved via, which is the national train company. Tips: a cheaper choice is travelling by night, when the prices are lower, but you will not get to see much as the trip lasts for the whole night.

Flåmsbana, the trip on the train to and from the place called Flåm was the best train journey in the world in 2014, according to Lonely Planet. It is a to-hour travel through 20 tunnels, capturingmagnificent fjord landscapes, enchanting waterfalls and steep mountains. This is one of a kind experience which once explored will stay in your memories forever. Useful links about thehistory, timetables and prices you find on our page and on NSB webpage.

Whether choosing one of them or both, you will notice the great passage from winter to spring, where in some regions there is still plenty of snow and lasts all year round, some parts of the country are giving signs of the spring rebirth. In that consists the beauty of this journey taken in spring.