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Where are you planning your next holiday this year? Are you up to something quite different in 2016? Do you have an explorer and adventurer inside you? Are you always in search of something new? This year, Norway is in the forefront in terms of tourism. But casino you will only find online at for example norske casino.

Each person has its own way of exploring and perceiving the memories and the adventures of a holiday. That is way Norway has to be rediscovered over and over again by each tourist to be appreciated at its right value. In order to contribute to enlarge your portfolio of experiences, senses and memories indulge yourself in a journey which will offer you unique landscapes combining sea and mountain, fjords and glaciers, sea kayaking and fishing, fjord cruises and skiing. If you are curious to find out what this country has in store for you, check out the next information and go on a trip. Visit us at adventurevisitnorway.com where you find necessary information about planning your journey and booking procedures. If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

In a top ranking from 2015, Norway occupied the second place among the best countries to go for a trip of adventure (Trip Advisor research). We have seen this as an exciting opportunity to promote the country all year round as we believe Norway is an unexplored jewel set in the remote north. We have created trips and adventures according to the season and to your wishes of adventure. We do not want you to stay at home this year, but take you to a trip to the land of the Vikings. Do you fancy exploring the country on the train in spring? How about summer in the nature sea kayaking or taking a cruise ship to see the fjords? As it gets chilly in autumn we want you safe indoors, but come out for the great wonders of the autumn. Would you like an adventure in the woods with accommodation in a cabin? If it is winter, then it is winter sports’ time. Where best than in Norway? These are only some suggestions that we have been thinking to offer you. Of course they are always flexible and the destination and the time of the year are adjustable, so that you love you 2016 holiday.

For our future clients we have chosen the most exciting types of holidays because we want to offer them unforgettable memories in 2016. If you were satisfied with our services, we would like you to come back. If you have complains, we want to hear them because our goal is to constantly improve the quality of our services. We work after the 3S policy: safety, satisfaction, smile(s).

Start you adventure today by getting informed what you can get out of Norway in 2016!